Virtual Guestbook :: The Grandparents

While I was in NYC, my in-laws made their way down to Maryland from New York City via Philadelphia. On their trip out here last fall, they spent a couple of days on the Chesapeake Bay to scope out a resort for future family vacations. They were generous enough to take Rupert and the kids there for Memorial Day weekend.

[both photos by Rupert]


Virtual Guestbook :: The Little Cousin

Rupert's brother and his family came to visit us for the weekend, and to celebrate Mother's Day morning together. We call this branch of the family A^3 because all of their first names begin with "A." Anyway, Daddy A is returning to his surgery residency program in June so they're making lots of visits to friends along the East Coast, and we were lucky enough to host them this weekend.

I love this picture of Little A following Maya during one of our walks. He's quite a bit younger than my kiddos so, in many ways, he's following in their footsteps. He's an adorable little fella but I'm getting to that point where I've forgotten what it's like to have a toddler, and so I was getting tired just watching him! But Ian and Maya both did really well playing with him and watching over him.