link round-up 03.2006

cleaning up the sidebar again, so i'm moving some of the links to my round-up:

s c r a p b o o k e r b l o g s
  • heidi swapp

  • weis days

  • j a p a n e s e s c r a p b o o k e r b l o g s
  • hokuto

  • making time to scrapbook

  • scrapbooking air

  • c r a f t y b l o g s
  • bella dia

  • keri smith

  • lily's rooster

  • rock paper scissors

  • s t u f f t h a t i n t r i g u e s m e
  • japanese dymo label maker

  • death cab for cutie onesie

  • blabla kids

  • muji's new york in a bag

  • blabla kids

  • 100drine in french

  • gale kaseguma prints @ oopsy daisy

  • lumplings

  • new parent apology cards

  • jam cover

  • heather ross goldfish fabric

  • bright october

  • oneye

  • l i s t e n i n g t o
  • mirah

  • r e c e n t r e a d s
  • the death of vishnu by manil suri

  • septimus heap book 1: magyk by angie sage

  • memories of my melancholy whores by gabriel garcia marquez

  • the know-it-all by a.j. jacobs

  • the kite runner by khaled hosseini

  • conrad's fate by diana wynn jones

  • kira kira by cynthia kadohata

  • neither here nor there: travels in europe by bill bryson

  • deconstructing penguins by lawrence & nancy goldstone

  • the star of kazan by eva ibbotson

  • creating keepsakes's the scrapbook idea book volume 9 + other sbing mags

  • nana (japanese comic)

  • g i m m e g i m m e
  • quickutz diecut squeeze w/stiletto alphabet, paige alphabet
  • mummy
  • 1 comment:

    grudge girl said...

    I cried like 3 times while reading the Kite Runner. Holy Samoly.

    There's a local stink here recently about the book, because some uber-Christian watchdog parents at a local high school refused to let their freshmen kids read it. I'm honestly not sure how I would react myself. I HATE the idea of censorship, and it is a completely EXCELLENT book, but there are passages that are, difficult and creepy in the extreme. I really balk at allying myself in any fashion with the censorship parents, but I think that I think that it would be a better book for seniors. Hm.