Week in the Life 2011 :: Day 6, Saturday

6:15am: It's hot or something and I'm uncomfortable. Toss and turn for awhile and decide to get up around 6:30.

7:00am: Get dressed for yoga and hang out in the living room, checking my email and FB on the iPad. Ian wakes up.

7:15am: Leave for yoga. Run into an acquaintance/neighbor who's trying out YogaWorks for the first time. I guess there was another Groupon; the class is fuller than usual with new students.

9:00am: Finish my class and browse the sale rack at the store portion of the studio. It takes awhile but I finally pick out a tank top, a halter top, and a yoga mat (a purple one!). I use the credit I had on my account so I pay less than $5 for all of it.

9:45am: Get home and rest for a bit; nothing like three pieces of Rice Crispy Treats to give you a little sugar boost. The kids and Rupert go for a bike ride and Rupert's usual exercise routine at Glasgow Park.

Saturday: farmers market haul
10:20am: Walk over to the farmers market to pick up a few things. Get some fruit, veggies, and a baguette for tonight's picnic with S and D.

10:40am: Get home to an empty house. Load the dishwasher, start boiling water for the corn, and brew a big pot of coffee for my ice coffee. The kids get home from their bike ride.

Saturday: reading and eating corn
11:20am: I get hungry so I reheat A's leftovers from the other night. Maya finds Pucca on the Netflix and starts a marathon of TV watching. After I eat (a very filling) lunch, I get comfortable on the couch and read until I fall asleep (a very normal occurrence during the weekend).

1:10pm: Wake up to Maya complaining that she wants to eat some of Ian's chicken egg rolls. Rupert goes to take a shower. Ian shares an egg roll with Maya but neither of them can finish the last one so I end up eating it.

1:30pm: Take a shower and get ready to go. Rupert wants to go to Target to buy new socks and show me the cabinet he wants to buy for the kids' bathroom. Then we need to go to TJ's to get dessert and some drinks for tonight.

Saturday: shopping at Target
2:00pm: Shop at Target. Decide to just get the food for tonight there so we don't have to make another stop.

2:20pm: That's the fastest we've ever gotten out of Target!

2:50pm: Get home, pack up the food, and leave for LACMA to see the Tim Burton exhibit with our friends S and D.

Saturday: LACMA
3:20pm: We make great time and get there in less than half an hour. I pick up the tickets and since we're not supposed to meet S and D until 3:45, we wander around a bit, slowly making our way toward the Resnick Pavilion.

Saturday: Tim Burton exhibit
3:50pm: Meet up with S and D and get in line for the exhibit. There's no photography allowed in the exhibit, which is unfortunate because there's lots of cool, creepy, creative stuff in there from Burton's career. Of course, Maya is having a hard time staying interested and Rupert is a good sport about schlepping her around. In the gift shop, at Rupert's suggestion, I buy a poster for our friends' upcoming baby shower.

Saturday: escalator to the Broad Contemporary
5:10pm: Make our way out of the exhibit, take a short detour up the escalator of the Broad Contemporary to check out the view, and then go stake out a spot for our picnic.

Saturday: picnic dinner @ LACMA
5:20pm: There's live music playing in the background, S made a fantastic chicken salad, the weather's perfect, and the kids have plenty of space to run around.

Saturday: Hug!
7:20pm: Say good-bye to D and S and swing by the gift shop before heading out. I buy some books for my library. The kids play around the big inflatable multi-eyed monster outside. Leave LACMA around 7:40pm.

8:00pm: Get home. Watch a little bit of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which is on TV. This is the only HP movie we don't own.

9:00pm: I start downloading pictures and recapping today's activities on this blog. The kids go to bed. Maya's bedtime story is the Korgi story from the same Free Comic Book Day comic they read from last night.

9:30pm: Rupert watches some Twin Peaks on Netflix while waiting for the current season of No Reservations to download to his computer.

11:30pm: Geez, Twin Peaks is weird. Head to bed.


Week in the Life 2011 :: Day 5, Friday

7:35am: Friday are sleep-in days (during the summer) for me and Rupert (he doesn't go into work on Fridays). I woke up earlier with Ian's banging-around in the kitchen getting his breakfast. I use the kids' bathroom so I don't wake up Rupert; I wake up Maya instead. She's waiting to use the bathroom when I'm done. I text my friend to confirm our plans for today to go to the Discovery Science Center ("the Cube") in Santa Ana.

Friday: breakfast
8:00am: Rupert wakes up and joins us in the living room. He and Maya have breakfast together (cereal). Bad as it is, I munch on a Rice Crispy Treat while I wait for my chocolate chip Eggo to toast.

8:30am: Tell Ian to shower so I can also shower before we leave at 9:30. In the meantime I catch up on the news on my the iPad and read a bit of The Influence Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media.

8:50am: Take a shower. Marvel at how little shampoo and conditioner I need to use with my new haircut.

Friday: new shoes
9:15am: Get our stuff ready to head out for our excursion: pack snacks, make ice coffee, pull out my backpack from the hall closet, pack the camera. Decide today is the day to break out my new shoes.

9:30am: Fill the Prius with gas at Costco and hop on the freeway to get going. Traffic is moving smoothly so we make good time.

10:15am: When we merge on to the 22, I notice my friend's car behind me. Decide to follow my friend, assuming she knows where's she going, but she takes the wrong exit. We pull over, laugh a bit, and get back on the road toward the museum.

10:30am: Make our way into the museum. First stop, the bathroom! (Too much ice coffee for me.)

Friday: ball rolling on a rotating turntable Friday: slide
Friday: Ian and A Friday: hockey goalie Ian
10:30am to 12:30pm: Explore the exhibits at the museum. The boys really like the hockey stuff upstairs and try out the Shooter and Goalie experiences repeatedly. Maya is kinda grouchy and not in the mood to take part in a lot of the stuff. But she really likes the slide and spends a good deal of time there.

12:30pm: Decide it's time to head out. I want to get a shirt but they don't have my size. I get an Oscar the Grouch hand puppet (for $5!) instead. I intend to use it at work when I'm getting grouchy with the kids; hopefully it'll send the right message in a more positive way instead of me just yelling at the kids.

Friday: lunch at the Habit
12:50pm: Walk down the street to get lunch at the Habit. It's fun, and a little hectic, eating in a small booth with two adults, two middle schoolers, a first grader, and a toddler. After we finish eating, the kids think it's funny to kick each other under the table. On our walk back to our cars the kids hang out at the mall's fountain for a bit.

Friday: fountain
2:00pm: Say good-bye to our friends and head home. There's a bit more traffic and I make one wrong turn (darn 22/405 interchange!) but it doesn't matter since the kids are knocked out in the back and I want them to get some rest so they're not cranky later.

The Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media
3:00pm: Get home. After a few minutes of family time, I head to the bedroom for some quiet reading. The kids get their own downtime by watching a Pokemon video. I take a 15 minute power nap.

Friday: baseball
4:30pm: Play baseball in the backyard. Maya has killer batting abilities, as long as the ball is thrown underhand.

Friday: late afternoon
5:10pm: Rupert pre-heats the oven for dinner. He sits down with Maya to draw from her new animal drawing book. I continue to work on this project with a glass of (slightly over-steeped) mugicha, Japanese barley tea. Ian goes back to his room to read.

5:30pm: Maya takes a break from drawing a horse to watch Horseland. You know, to remind her what horses look like.

6:00pm: Dinner time: TJ's tempura chicken, sauteed bok choy, and rice. We love that Maya likes vegetables; she asks for more bok choy. Rupert chooses to watch an episode of Superhumans. I read my book instead.

Friday: playing Rock Band
6:45pm: Instead of family board game night, we have family video game night ... although I don't know if you can call it "family" game night if Ian wanders off to read in his room and I'm writing this up. Actually, I help Maya out with the drums, then take over drumming completely, and Maya ends up walking away!

7:30pm: Watch the Simpsons.

8:00pm: More drawing.

8:15pm: Back to Rock Band: me on guitar, Maya on drums for the first song, Rupert on drums for the second song. We haven't checked the new downloadable songs so Rupert scrolls through to see if there's anything worth buying. Maya dances to the various samples, especially SpongeBob and the Nom Nom Nom Song.

9:05pm: The kids get ready for bed. (Ian was reading for over two hours; he's definitely my kid.) Rupert reads the Johnny Boo part of a comic book (from Free Comic Book Day) for Maya's bedtime story.

Friday: watching No Reservations
9:20pm: Watch the Hokkaido episode of No Reservations on Rupert's laptop. He has a bowl of coffee ice cream but I pass on dessert (super full from all the food today and I already brushed my teeth). Slight delay in the middle of the episode since Rupert's laptop runs out of batteries. The episode really makes me want to finally visit my uncle in Hokkaido.

10:15pm: Check iTunes and Season 11 of No Reservations is available; try to buy it but it's not working for some reason. Try again tomorrow? Catch up on reading blogs.

11:30pm: Off to bed.


Week in the Life 2011 :: Day 4, Thursday

7:15am: We're all up and doing our normal summer morning routine: cereal (TJ's Honey-Os), TV (SpongeBob), couch, checking email and FB. Zoboomafoo comes on on PBS.

Thursday: chaos in the junk drawer
7:45am: Open the catch-all drawer and it's like a bomb went off in the rubber band container. I guess Maya was looking for a blue rubber band and dumped everything out. Ask her to put everything back but there are so many rubber bands that I ask her to sort out the dirtier ones and put them in a ziploc so I can, hopefully, give them back to the postal delivery person.

Thursday: Maya "working" on the iPad
8:00am: Mama Mirabelle comes on but Maya decides playing on the iPad is a better way to spend her time. She uses apps for coloring, tracing numbers, "playing" music, and playing games. Ian reads Pendragon #9, Raven Rise in his room; he's really loving the series. I'm back at my laptop working on this project (uploading photos and typing blog entries).

9:00am: Getting into a routine of having Maya work on a few pages of her packet everyday. At this rate she'll be able to finish by the end of the summer, which is a relief. Really noticed that even a week without schoolwork and her brain gets lazy and forgetful.

Thursday: playing
10:00am: To take a break Maya watches the Cat in the Hat. I tell Ian to get dressed and pack his lunch to take to his aunt's. When the episode is over the kids play by throwing a ball at each other and squishing each other. Fun!

Thursday: before
10:45am: Leave to drop the kids off at my in-laws'. Can't wait to get my hair lopped off! Take a "before" picture first.

Thursday: waiting for my appointment
11:30am: Haircut time! Julie, who came recommended by my sister, is great with my hair. I rarely get my hair cut so I don't mind shelling out a few extra bucks to get it cut by Julie.

Thursday: my new haircut
12:30pm: After setting aside the 10 inches of my hair, Julie does a great job giving me a cute bob. My head feels light and summery! Drive to the nearby Japanese market to pick up some books (including a travel guide to Kobe on sale) and food.

Thursday: Japanese stuff on sale
1:15pm: Pick up the kids. Maya and my SIL painted their nails. Looks like they had a great time. It's so nice to have family around. Get home, unpack the groceries and head to my room to read my new books and take a power nap. (Notice a pattern in my afternoons?) Let the kids do whatever and watch whatever. I'm happy to report they don't give each other any problems, which means they don't give me any problems. (I bought three bags of Karl; one of them I ate on my way to pick the kids up (what? I was hungry) and the kids got into another bag, so we only have one left!)

3:30pm: Remind Ian to write the birthday card for his friend's party. Drag myself out of my room to wrap the present. Drive him over to his friend's house down the street at 4:00pm.

4:05pm: Take Maya to TJ's with me to pick up some staples: milk, bananas, granola bars, half and half. I spot vinho verde and buy a bottle. In the frozen dessert section I find something that's new to me -- peach pops -- and decide to try them out. I let Maya get coffee ice cream, her current favorite flavor.

Thursday: more Pokemon videos
4:45pm: Remember that I need to pick up a book at the library. Walk over there, telling Maya we can only stay for a little bit because we need to clean up the living room before our friends come over for dinner. Maya checks out another Pokemon video.

5:15pm: Get home and clear the living room of the laundry, tidy up the dining table, and clear the kitchen counter. Steep some mugicha. Just opening the package and getting a whiff of the barley smell makes me close my eyes for a moment to savor memories of summers in Japan.

6:30pm: Rupert comes home. Maya and I have just been hanging out in the living room, peacefully. It's so nice when we're all pleasant to each other ... and it's quiet.

7:00pm: Our friends R and A arrive. They're visiting from Atlanta. We've missed them since they moved away from Los Angeles several years ago. We order food from a local Mexican place and send Rupert and Maya to pick it up. It takes them awhile to come back with the food because the restaurant's busy.

8:00pm: Go pick Ian up from the birthday party. Seems like they had a great time but I'm just eager to get back to my food and conversation with my friends.

8:30pm: Get R, a computer science professor, to take a look at our wireless set-up. Rupert hadn't been able to set up the the wireless printing and we hope R can help. He patiently works on the problem and manages to figure it out. Hooray!

Thursday: R+A come to visit
9:15pm: The kids get ready for bed. But, first, the requisite group photo. After the kids go to bed we hang out and talk. Eat peach pops; they're not bad and actually have real peach chunks in them.

11:15pm: R and A leave. Rupert and I continue to hang out on the couch. I upload photos, surf the web, etc.

12:00am: Head to the bedroom. Make the mistake of browsing through the Kobe guidebook. Can't put it down for half an hour. Turn the light off at 12:30. Good night!

Week in the Life 2011 :: Day 3, Wednesday

sometime between 6:00am and 6:45am: Maya wakes up. She was doing "nothing," according to her.

6:45am: Ian wakes up. The kids watch SpongeBob.

Wednesday: I'm up
7:13am: When I wander into the living room the kids are watching Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Ian started watching this show recently (much to our chagrin) and I wonder if it's because he's mentally getting himself ready for middle school (in a weird TV-land sort of way).

8:00am: Maya wants a turn with Netflix Streaming but I refuse to let her watch another episode of Horseland or SpongeBob. She reverts to Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater, a show from the 80s we watched repeatedly before. The kids watch the Star Wars episode.

Wednesday: Ian working on his Cryptography class assignment
8:30am: Time for work! Ian needs to stay on schedule for his Cryptography class (and it's a long-ish assignment today); Maya keeps working on her Language Arts packet; and I'm emailing (trying to get permission to access the wireless at work so I can use my iPad (which I'm hopefully getting today) in my library) and catching up on internet stuff.

9:00am: Maya's reached her limit for working on one thing and heads off to color and read. Ian's still working on decoding stuff.

9:30am: Renew my subscription to Saveur using an amazon gift certificate I received from one of the kids at school.

10:00am: Pay bills, check online accounts (yay -- our BofA account is working again on the laptop!), call our health insurance provider to see why my automatic credit card payment stopped (annoying!), load the dishwasher, and field some questions from Ian.

10:10am: Ian finishes today's assignment and takes a break by playing a baseball video game.

10:35am: Maya needs a snack so she eats a Rice Crispy Treat my dad made.

10:45am: It was inevitable: Pokemon video time. Tell the kids our plan for the day: drop off old linens at the animal shelter, lunch (Ian chooses Marmalade Cafe over CPK), and then to buy an iPad. I call the Apple store to see if they have the iPad I want; I literally let the phone ring for 5 minutes before someone picks up. Yay -- they have the one I want in stock!

11:00am: Ask Ian to wipe down the old baby gate we're giving away to a neighbor. In the meantime Maya and I pull old sheets and towels out of the linen closet; she gets bored after a minute and walks away. I pack up a lot of old stuff (especially baby sheets and towels) but the closet still looks completely full. I know we don't need this many towels and sheets but I have a hard time getting rid of things that are still usable.

Wednesday: Mama driving
11:15am: Head out of the house. I let Maya use the camera in the car and she loves it. The kids take self-portraits.

Wednesday: dropping off linen donations at the SPCALA
11:30am: Drop off our donation and take some time looking at the dogs and cats. There's an especially cute puppy and some cats in the room right off the lobby. Maya has been asking and asking to get a dog but I've been steadfastly refusing. But if there's one way to sway me, it's to make me actually see the animals. (No picture-taking allowed inside so we snapped a picture as we were leaving.)

Wednesday: playing Tic-Tac-Toe
11:45am: Head to Marmalade Cafe in El Segundo for lunch. Normally I wouldn't spend so much money on lunch, but Ian had a free kids meal certificate from school. The kids play Tic-Tac-Toe while they wait for the food to arrive. (Ian and I order burgers, Maya gets chicken fingers.) See a student from Robinson sitting at the table next to us; I think this is the first student I've run into this summer. Remember that we have one extra errand to run afterward: we have to get a birthday present for a party Ian's going to tomorrow.

Wednesday: waiting to buy our iPad
1:30pm: Make it to the Apple store after getting short with Maya for already complaining about being in the car for "so long." We only have to wait a few minutes for them to bring out an iPad for us to buy. The kids play games while we wait. Maya's game is in German so we keep telling her, "Gut, Maya, gut!"

Wednesday: making a wish
1:40pm: Maya wants to go to the fountain in the mall before we leave. I let her throw a few pennies in to make some wishes.

Wednesday: choosing Pokemon cards
2:00pm: Shopping at Target. The kids pick out a set of Pokemon cards for Ian's friend and then we buy a few ingredients for tonight's dinner. I'm getting progressively more tired and cranky. <-- This is called "foreshadowing."

2:30pm: Make it home and the first thing Ian wants to do is call his friend. I tell him that's fine but I'm not driving him over there. He asks if he can ask his friend's parents to pick him up. No, of course not! Then Maya starts badgering me to use the iPad, even though I told her it would take time to set up. Finally, I lose it and yell at both of them. I feel bad, yes, but there's only so much I can take. I apologize later but I explain to them how frustrated I was.

Wednesday: setting up the iPad
3:00pm: Register the iPad and start syncing apps, which is very time-consuming. I don't want to deal with the kids so I let them watch TV while I do this.

Wednesday: Maya's Secret Formula drawing
4:00pm: Maya starts drawing her version of the Crabby Patty Secret Formula.

5:20pm: I start making dinner, penne with crumbled Italian sausage.

6:00pm: Eat dinner without Rupert, even though I know he's coming home soon. I want to eat before Maya gets cranky and I need to let my stomach settle before going to yoga. Maya eats three helpings of pasta. Ian, as expected, picked out all of the onions. I read the newest New Yorker while eating.

Wednesday: first Photobooth pic using the iPad
6:30pm: Rupert comes home as I'm finishing dinner. Another episode of Brady Barr is turned on. We play with the iPad a bit. Maya decides Ian shouldn't use it because of his sweaty hands.

7:15pm: I brush my teeth, change my clothes, and head out to my yoga class.

Wednesday: after yoga
9:30pm: Finish yoga; I feel great. Text with my hairdresser and my sister-in-law to see if I can leave the kids with SIL so I can get my haircut tomorrow. Success!

9:45pm: Rupert's watching So You Think You Can Dance when I get home. I should shower but I get sucked into the TV. Lady Gaga is throwing shoes.

10:00pm: Still need to shower but Rupert's new guilty pleasure, Love in the Wild, is on. It is a terrible show but we watch the whole thing (partly to see the bloody injury, but we weren't impressed with the amount of blood).

11:00pm: Finally shower. Wash my long hair for the last time; tomorrow at least 10 inches of it is getting cut off.

11:30pm: Back to the couch to play with the iPad and download a couple more apps. Bring it to bed and upstage Rupert's much-smaller game of Solitaire. Check out the Kindle app; I like that I can read in the dark and the photos are in color. Rupert thinks my new-ish Kindle is now obsolete. I don't think so; there's a time and place for each.

12:35am: Finally go to sleep.


Week in the Life 2011 :: Day 2, Tuesday

Tuesday :: I wake up
7:30am: Rupert leaves for work; I'm still rolling around in bed. Check my email and FB on my phone.

Tuesday :: Maya wakes up
8:00am: Maya wakes up and immediately takes advantage of Ian not being home: turns on Horseland on Netflix Streaming.

Tuesday: Lego playing aftermath
8:15am: Ian and Alex come back and go to Ian's room to play Legos.

8:30am: I begin uploading yesterday's photos to flickr. Maya finishes watching TV and goes back to working on a drawing she started yesterday.

8:45am: The boys are back to playing video games.

Tuesday: putting dishes away
9:20am: Put away dishes from the dishrack, but I have to wait for Ian to put the dishwasher dishes away so I can load it. Yes, it would be easier and faster if I unloaded it but it's not my job! Maya finally gets hungry enough to ask for breakfast and she eats two strawberry Eggos again. I munch on a chocolate chip one while putting away dishes and making my daily ice coffee.

9:40am: Notice Maya's finger nails are like claws. Finally do something parent-like and cut them.

9:45am: The boys are finally finished with their video game, giving Maya a chance to watch a Pokemon video from the library. Ian and Alex linger on the couch and watch with her. But I make Ian unload the dishwasher before he sits down.

10:00am: Load the dishwasher and wash dishes.

10:30am: Work on yesterday's Week in the Life post.

11:00am: At last, the TV is turned off (but probably not for long). The boys continue to talk about Pokemon (for 45 minutes!) on the couch.

Tuesday: taking a break from worksheets
11:10am: Maya starts working on her summer packet worksheets. I mentioned to her that Julia is way ahead of her and that seemed to motivate her a bit; nothing wrong with a little competition, right?

11:30am: The boys help themselves to chips to energize their Pokemon conversation. They leave the itty-bitty crumbs in the chip bag and return it to the counter. Ever heard of a garbage can?

Tuesday: Maya's the winner
11:50am: Maya gets frustrated with doing work so she goes outside with the boys. It occurs to me that I could easily be doing a load of laundry. Throw in a load of lights. Ian and Maya request chicken nuggets for lunch; Alex doesn't want anything but I tell him he has to eat. They go outside for awhile to play (from what I can tell from where I'm sitting inside) some kind of hybrid baseball Pokemon battle game.

12:00pm: Glance at the sidebar on my blog and I realize I haven't updated it in years, probably. Make some quick changes. Remember that I wanted to email my principal about the upcoming school year. Get an automated reply that she's on vacation until August 16. Guess work will have to wait.

Tuesday: my lunch
12:45pm: Lunch for the kids first. Then I make myself some instant noodles. The kids are watching more Pokemon.

1:30pm: Ian and Alex leave to go back to Alex's. I love these summer days when they don't have anything to do but live at each other's houses. I briefly ponder how old my son is getting to be: I let them walk back by themselves to Alex's house where his teenage brother will be supervising them. No adults and I'm okay with that. Testament to how good these kids are.

1:45pm: Maya is back to her worksheets but she's whining the whole time. Totally lose it and yell at her. Send her to her room to cry. Hear her sobbing that she wants to do homework but I'm pretty sure she's not up to it in her current condition.

2:00pm: She comes out of her room and asks to watch TV but I turn her down. Instead, she sets the timer and sets to work on her coloring book. I guess she set the timer so that she can ask me again about the TV in a bit. "Why is this taking so long?" she asks and turns it off.

Tuesday: piles of laundry
2:30pm: Empty the dryer and sort the laundry. I should fold clothes too, but I'll wait until I finish the next load. Head to my room to read the next chapter of The Story of Charlotte's Web: E.B. White's Eccentric Life in Nature and the Birth of an American Classic.

3:00pm: Nap for 20 minutes while Maya is in the living room playing with her Pillow Pet. And I know she snuck a piece of candy; I can hear her sucking on it all the way across the house! But she was good enough to try again with her worksheets and completed a couple more.

3:30pm: Let her watch SpongeBob while I take a shower.

4:00pm: Start another load of laundry. Maya finishes watching SpongeBob and I'm really finished having to watch SpongeBob. Help Maya fix some mistakes on her worksheets.

4:30pm: Maya is back to her coloring book. Contemplate finally responding to an email my father sent me on my birthday three weeks ago. Not that I don't want to email with my father; it's just that writing in Japanese is difficult and time-consuming.

Tuesday: email to my father
5:00pm: Turn on some music (Adele's 21, my favorite album right now) and open up my email. The Japanese typing is slow-coming but it's getting done with some breaks, including prepping dinner at 5:20pm.

6:00pm: Let Maya watch more TV; she's hungry and I need to keep her preoccupied while dinner is cooking. (Dinner is my version of Kheema curry with eggplant and garbanzo beans.) While the curry is on the stove I finish the email to my father. Rupert comes home at some point.

Tuesday: my crazy version of kheema curry
7:00pm: We sit down to dinner without Ian who's eating over at Alex's (probably a good thing since this is his least favorite kind of curry). Rupert again chooses to watch Brady Barr.

Tuesday: reading while J and M play a game
7:30pm: After dinner Maya asks for a Game Night; she chooses Simpsons Sorry! and she wins. I read my book instead. Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel series is on TV in the background.

8:00pm: Ian calls to say that he's staying a bit longer because they're watching Rango. Rupert and Maya go to pick him up around 8:30 and the kids come home to get ready for bed.

9:00pm: Half watch MasterChef and half read my book while Rupert does work on his laptop.

Tuesday: after the kids go to bed
10:oopm: Nothing good on TV so turn it off; read and work in silence for awhile. And can't forget to eat dessert: ice cream for Rupert and sherbet for me.

11:00pm: Doze off on the couch and wake up at 11:30 to go to bed.

Observation: Maya and I spent the entire day in our PJs, which means we never left the house!