37 months.

maya @ 37th months :: december 4, 2008

  • confused the show "pushing daisies" with literally pushing her stuffed duck daisy.
  • when she doesn't want to walk anymore we hear a lot of "my leg broken" and "so much walking"

  • wanna get her to do something? tell her dr. burgett wants her to behave :: "my doctor said?"

  • actually unchi-ing on her own (sans miralax) almost everyday. hallelujah!

  • when she wants to show you something, she requests that you "close your eye ... open your eye!" i always find it funny that she uses the singular.

  • starting to do some "chores" :: wanting to help in the kitchen, using the handheld vacuum.

  • favorite movie :: the nightmare before christmas (she loves jack)

  • rupert instituted a rewards jar with skittles in it but, to be honest, it wasn't very well-thought out so it hasn't been particularly effective. we're going to have to come up with something better.

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