43 months.

project365 :: 06.07.2009
maya @ 43 months :: june 4, 2009
  • participated in her first "talent show," two dances for parents' night at her preschool. she danced to "99 red balloons" by blondie + "rollercoaster of love" by the ohio players. when rupert found a youtube video of "99 red balloons" afterwards, maya stopped what she was doing and immediately started dancing to the music.
  • slept through her first semi-major earthquake. she experiences the second one (a couple of days later) at school; she got a nice lesson on dropping and crawling under a table. the earthquake doesn't seem to phase her much.
  • no longer pretends to be a cat. instead, she crawls around on all fours barking. i wonder what animal she'll be next?
  • caught her saying "jesus!" when she made an exciting discovery. (i can't remember her exact wording, but it was something akin to, "jesus! i like those stickers!") i had to somehow explain to her that it wasn't a bad word to use, but it wasn't the right word to use either. i blame rupert because i would never take the lord's name in vain, even though i'm not christian.
  • opens the fridge in hopes of reaching the bottle of "pori pori" (probiotic pills).
  • her drawings of people now have eyeballs and torsos are becoming an option.
  • caught her first real cold (i.e., lasting longer than 24 hours).

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Krimey said...

first real cold at age 3 and a half??? you are one lucky momma! :))