44 months.

An Icee treat @ the zoo
maya @ 44 months :: july 4, 2009
  • talks incessantly; a complete and total chatterbox.
  • went to disneyland early in june with her grandparents and can't stop talking about going again.
  • coined the term "snarted" when she sneezed + farted at the same time while sitting on the toilet. rupert was so proud.
  • really, really, really wants to get a puppy + kitten :: she talks about it almost everyday, asking when she can get a dog and a cat. we keep telling her that when she gets her own house she can do whatever she wants.
  • calls the zoo, "the jungle."
  • no change here but she's writing + drawing up a storm.
  • learned a "princess" dance from her classmates, but it's not particularly classy or regal. it's basically putting one hand on the side of her head + the other hand on her hip, and shaking her hips vigorously.
  • spent a week away from mama + ian (while they were in paris). claimed she didn't miss ian at all (the feeling was mutual).

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Anonymous said...

This little gal has got personality plus! It really has been fun to "watch" her grow up here on your blog. What a treasure you have created for her!