45 months.

maya @ 45 months (3-3/4 years old)
maya @ 45 months :: august 4, 2009
  • wants to wear dresses all the time. probably influenced by all the girls at her preschool.
  • we started going to our new farmers market down the block from our house and now she thinks the farmers market "lives" in that parking lot.
  • always yells out "my school! my school!" when we pass by, which is often.
  • enjoying splashing around in the water but isn't much about swimming (i.e., dunking her face underwater), although on a good day she'll let me pull her around while she blows bubbles and kicks her feet.
  • can write ian's name and most of the alphabet correctly. she asks about the spelling of certain words, mostly names of people she likes (i.e., ian's friends).
  • drawing cats and dogs and princesses.
  • finally got to spend the night in ian's room.
  • her favorite song is the "ABC song" but one day towards the end of the month she was upset because she "lost" the letter O in the song. it was really because she kept singing it, as most kids her age do, "ellamennow."
  • it seems at some point she decided she does, in fact, have a favorite blanket :: the light green baby gap "wan wan" (i.e., puppy) blankie that once belonged to ian.
  • she loves to stop by a bush near her preschool that attracts a lot of little yellow butterflies. she tries in vain each day to have one walk on her hand; she's only been successful once so far. (on occasion i gently catch one for her so she can see it up close.)

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