48 months.

Maya + Hello Kitty
Maya @ 48 months :: November 4, 2009
[the last of my what-started-as-weekly-and-is-now-monthly posts about Maya]
  • Visited a real pumpkin patch for the first time in Ventura. This was a tradition we started when Ian was little, but we stopped going after a few years so we'd like to resurrect it.
  • Her counting to 20 is definitely getting better ... finally.
  • She was a mermaid princess for Halloween and went trick-or-treating with her friend M (for two blocks before she got tired). She definitely loves her candy ... but she separated out the chocolates for me and Rupert to eat.
  • From Rupert's Facebook :: "I'm shooting zombies out of my butt." -- not the words of a normal 3 year old.
  • And calling bad guys (Biff from Back to the Future Part II) "poop heads."
  • She's not very good at pluralfying nouns. Appropriately for October :: "ghostes" + "leafes"
  • First parent-teacher conference :: academically moving along quite well, but socially it turns out she's a lot more similar to Ian than I originally thought.
  • Rupert *still* spoonfeeds her cereal in the morning but she promised me that once she turns 4 she'll eat by herself (which she is totally capable of doing). Now, we have to make sure Rupert goes along with the plan.
  • She has this thing about not wanting to be on the freeway because "it's boring!" If we're going somewhere she doesn't recognize the first thing she asks is, "Are we going on the freeway?" Then she asks, "Are we on the freeway now?" And finally she asks repeatedly, "Are we off the freeway?"

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