What I Made for Dinner :: Roasted Eggplant Salad

It's funny how your taste buds change over the years. I wonder how that works? How is that I used to dislike eggplant (among other vegetables) and now I love it? In the same vein, the kids don't like eggplant right now, but will they love this dish in 20 years? Hmm ...

[Speaking of taste buds, author Rebecca Stead incorporated taste buds in an unexpected way to show the turmoils of adolescent relationships in her new book Liar & Spy. Good stuff, people, good stuff.]

before roasting the eggplant 

For my grandmother-in-law's birthday dinner I was asked to bring a salad. This roasted eggplant salad with almonds and goat cheese was a hit at the last get-together I took it to. Since this batch had to feed 15 people I decided to add it to (2 bags of) mixed salad greens. (My preference was for the combo of the peppery-ness of arugula and the rich, deep creaminess of the roasted eggplant.)

The recipe calls for 2 ounces of goat cheese, but I used a whole 4 ounce container: half was incorporated into the eggplant mixture and the other half was sprinkled amongst the greens. I didn't add salad dressing to the greens because the eggplant and extra cheese acts as the dressing.

I, of course, forgot to take a picture of the finished product, but I received compliments on it so I think everyone liked it. It's a perfect hearty meatless meal for summer evenings. Granted, having to use the oven will heat up your house, but that's when you take your eggplant salad outdoors to your patio to enjoy! :)

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