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When we first moved out here, my sisters and I were hoping that they'd be able to visit together so we could do a Sisters' Weekend in DC. But with two busy career women (not me!), their schedules just didn't work out for a trip out here together. So, my younger sister planned her trip to coincide with the last weekend our mom was here. She brought her boyfriend along, and our dad babysat their dog back in LA. :)

[My sister, her boyfriend, and I got separated from the rest of the group during a Metro transfer so we walked from the Metro Center station along the Mall to the Tidal Basin where we met up with the rest of the family.]

Even though it was my sister's first time in DC, we didn't do too many touristy things besides going to see the cherry blossoms in DC. Since my mom wasn't feeling well, I took her (and Maya) back home early from the Tidal Basin while my sister, her BF, and my boyswent to a couple of museums. At night, my sister and her BF went exploring around Bethesda and Chevy Chase for dessert, but they were happy to hang out with us most of the time. 

On Sunday we went to C&O Canal National Historical Park and finally discovered Great Falls (the Maryland side)! We'd been to this park before and never walked in the direction of the Falls. Boy, we felt silly missing out on the view until now!

We also took my mom out for her first taste of Ethiopian cuisine. 

I really hope my sister comes out to visit again. I'd love to take her around to other museums and do some shopping and eating in DC.

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