what does that even mean?!

we went in for maya's 12-month check-up this afternoon. i had grand hopes she grew in the last three months but i was sorely disappointed. rupert guessed she would be 17 pounds (she was 15 pounds exactly at nine months old). nope, not even close. she was a whopping (and i use this term sarcastically) 16 pounds 1 ounce. she's in the negative third percentile! what?! there's no such thing; how can she be in the negative third percentile??

her height hadn't changed much either. the nurse got a measurement of 26 inches, which put maya in the (yet again) negative third percentile. the doctor looked at the figure and insisted we measure again (this happened at our last appointment too). this time maya measured 27 inches, which is in the 5th percentile. every last bit helps, right? her height is proportionate to her head circumference, which is between the fifth and tenth percentile.

no surprise, the doctor predicted she was going to be a petite (i.e., short) girl even when she grows up (most likely thanks to her grandmothers' genes). rupert suggested we sign her up for gymnastics class ... or jockey school. (for some reason that reminded me of the simpsons episode when lisa enrolls in gymnastics and excels because her big head gives her perfect balance.)

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Krimey said...

sounds mathematically impossible to me. but i'm sure we get the gist. it's just a good thing she's a girl! :)