week 52.

maya @ 52 weeks :: november 3, 2006

  • she is an expert at peeling off labels, stickers and tags. this talent also extends to opening packages (for example, my friend gave her an unopened pack of gum to play with but she managed to rip it open in no time).
  • she likes to go through the garbage.
  • i resisted giving her balloons to play with (for safety reasons) but she definitely likes the ones she gets from trader joe's.
  • standing with more confidence and balance; she can have things in her hands when she stands up from a sitting/squatting position. she can also take a few steps if you hold her hands (which we don't do because it's not rie).
  • new foods: castella cake, non-jarred baby food yogurt, kiwi
  • babbling all the time but not saying much ... i wonder if it's because she's "learning" two languages at home.
  • she can distinguish between elmo, cookie monster, and big bird.
  • kisses like a normal person, finally!
  • will feed you food, especially if it's something she doesn't want to eat like peas.
  • wields ian's plastic samurai sword like it's nobody's business. totally "kill bill"esque.

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Krimey said...

"it's not rie." it amazes me how many of our friends & family are trying to teach Alden to stand or balance him into a sitting position. i end up giving a mini-seminar on rie at least a few times per week! hopefully opening at least a few sets of eyes... :)