measure twice, cut once ...

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i'm getting better at not screwing up the cutting part, but the "oh, it'll only take me a few hours to make that" time allotment part is not something i'm good at.

i decided to make these things for our friends' daughter's first birthday. neither item is very big so i gave myself about three hours to make both of them. in the end i think it took me at least six hours to sew the baggy and doggy. but they came out pretty cute, i think. you can't tell from the pictures but the inside of the bag is lined with a floral print cotton.

the patterns are from the handmade zakka series. doggy pattern :: handmade zakka tobikiri kawaii wo tsukurou and the baggy pattern :: handmade zakka nonbiri kibun de tsukuritaimono.

i hope baby L likes them. :)

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Anonymous said...

What an adorable project and extra special gift Y. You are becoming quite the seamstress! I bet some scrapbooking layouts are going to get some stitching on them in due time too!