readathon wrap-up

519 pages.

that's the end result of ian's second readathon. he reached his goal, and i'm so thrilled for him. he accomplished his goal by reading at a leisurely pace and making sure to balance reading time with play-outside-time and veg-in-front-of-the-tv-time. he also branched out and read different material, like non-fiction, chapter books, and good ol' i spy books.

and, thanks to our very generous friends and family (and if my math is right), he raised close to $700! (it may be closer to $800 if our friend B's company will match his donation. isn't that fantastic?) i'm just so overwhelmed with the support ian received from everyone ... i hope they know we'll be counting on them next year too. ;)

thank you so much!

[edited 05.03.07 :: ian is the top earner in the whole school -- of the $4600 or so raised in this fundraiser ian's contribution was $800! he earned his class a pizza party, his teacher a $50 spending spree at the book fair, and himself a gift certificate to borders. yay ian!]

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