25 months.

[photo coming soon]
maya @ 25 months :: december 4, 2007
  • she's the typical 2-year-old :: "i do it!" "my turn!"
  • is finally tall enough to easily turn doorknobs so she's into opening and closing doors throughout the house.
  • ian is really good at getting her to repeat words. for example, she repeats "chew-bacca!" really well.
  • whenever she knows she's done something bad, or doesn't want to look us directly in the eye, she pulls an "ostrich head in the sand" move :: she buries her face in any available soft surface (her blanket, the couch cushions, my shoulder) and won't look at you.
  • her favorite "blue's clues" episode by far is "blue goes to the doctor" because a "doctor maya" appears in it.
  • she's been waking up in the middle of the night (or really early morning) because her room is so cold. we give her a sip of milk, re-tuck her in, and then she'll sleep in longer than during the summer (7:30 instead of 6:00).
  • she's getting much better at putting puzzles together. half the time she's still trying to force pieces that don't fit but she's also capable of putting pieces together quite well.
  • we're getting back on track with the potty :: she lost interest for awhile and i was not about to force it on her. rupert has been very good about taking her when she asks to go on the potty ... because i sure as heck ain't gonna do it!

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