he has talent ... it just needs to be cultivated


one of rupert's photos from our trip to nyc was chosen to be included in the schmap new york guide's section on the central park carousel. the editors found it on my flickr page and contacted me about its possible inclusion in the guide, and today i got news that it's in the new "edition." you can see it here in the upper right corner by scrolling through until you get to the photo above.

rupert wasn't particularly impressed with this particular photo, especially since i loaded it up to flickr without editing it. i just wish he was more confident in his photo-taking skills. i would love for him to take a class someday and really make photography a hobby.

speaking of which, i'll be taking a photography class with karen russell at scrapbook oasis in february. can't wait! and what a great motivator to get our dear camera fixed.


Krimey said...

oh wow - i've been thinking of taking a photography class. mind if i join you?? :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jordan! I agree that Jordan (and you too Y!) have a good photographer's eye. I just picked up a photography book the other day and I think it is the best I have read and easy and quick to digest. It is basically simple tips to follow to improve your photos. Written by Adobe software help book guru Scott Kelby (love his Adobe books too!) and titled "The Digital Photography Book." It might be a good gift for Santa to bring because as I said easy reading and wouldn't add to his reading load from school.

And...while I am simple point and shoot gal...I had been thinking about the other Karen Russell class, just not sure I can commit to going yet...but maybe I should think about the photography one too. If only to finally have "play time" with you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, how cool is that?! Congratulations to Jordan!