27 months.

maya @ 27 months :: february 4, 2008
  • at the beginning of the month she went the longest she's ever gone without a bowel movement :: two weeks! for days she complained about "pompom (tummy) owie" and she tried to go but nothing. rupert and i are thinking that maybe she thinks she can't go unless she's on the toilet ... which is where she finally went ... and clogged up the toilet a bit. can't blame her, it was two weeks after all!
  • she cries during the "fishnapping" scene in finding nemo because she's so upset about nemo being taken away by the dentist.
  • she's definitely talking more. unfortunately i don't seem to be understanding more.
  • somehow learned to sing the alphabet song by herself. she doesn't say every letter but she's got the general tune down ... and "l-m-n-o-p" sounds so cute.
  • her current favorite pixar movie :: the incredibles. she especially likes jack-jack and the robots (see below). seriously, we watch this movie at least once a day, sometimes twice. for some odd reason she calls bob parr's boss at insuracare "jiji" (what she calls my dad). i don't think they particularly look alike, but whatever.
  • she's really into "be-bots" (robots) :: she likes to play with my robot pencil sharpener (but i had to take it away since it's a favorite chotchke of mine); we've watched the iron giant, robots, and the incredibles; i bought her robot pjs from old navy's boy section.
  • actually enjoys drinking the "jolly green" smoothie i made (pineapple, mango, spinach).
  • during the second to last week of january she had four bowel movements. four! she's been a nicer person for it. and during the last week of january she almost went everyday. we've been a happier family for it.
  • when rupert started reading one of his school books, she went over to his school bag and brought him his highlighter.
  • for awhile she was into chunky yogurt and insisted we add cut-up fruit to her once-favorite-smooth yogurt.
  • rupert, in his infinite wisdom, taught maya how to say, "oh man!" when things aren't going her way.
  • at the park she doesn't want to go down the slide by herself anymore. she will climb up to the slide but then freak out until you go down with her. but just before sliding down she likes to wave to all the little people, "hi everybody!".
  • the moment i've been dreading is about to arrive :: she's not napping everyday anymore. i'll put her down, she'll complain, and then it'll be quiet. so i think she's napping but when i peek in her room she's standing in her crib, bright eyed, and apparently without having napped.
  • i think she understands the counting concept ... up to 2.
  • when the front of the crib is down she tries to climb up into her crib. but her legs aren't long enough to get all the way up so she just leans forward and falls into the crib headfirst.i'm having a hard time distinguishing between her "help me" and "hold me".
  • spiders freak her out.
  • a few new fav phrases :: i want it, i don't want it (usually right after she says the first phrase), i neeeeeeed it.
  • using the spoon much better without spilling (too much) ... now if only i could let go enough to allow her to feed herself.
  • when we cross the street she holds my hand and yells, "run! run! run!" and tries to hurry to get to the other side.
  • terrible two independece is shining through :: "maya do it" as she gets into her car seat.

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