playing catch-up

i neglected the blog for a week and i'm forgetting what the heck's been going on around here ...
  • sadly, my compost was infested with ants and fruit flies this morning. not a pretty sight. hopefully they'll go away ...
  • i gotta get into crafty mode this week 'cause i need to make some tagEs. i said i was going to udpate the shop with boy tagEs at the end of december and that hasn't happened yet so i better get my butt into gear. and if all goes well i'll be debuting a new product shortly.
  • i lost 0.4 pounds last week so i'm back to my weight from the week before that. but i've decided not to concern myself with the number on the scale too much ... although, the $120 pot for the "biggest loser" is tempting.
  • our camera came back from the camera shop in time for my photography class ... but it's still broken! we paid $350 to get it fixed and rupert's gotta take it back in today. grumble grumble!
  • laundry is piling up like crazy (clean + dirty) ... i don't feel like i have a lot of clothes but i guess i do.
  • my body is getting used to going to the gym. in fact, when i didn't go to the gym on friday, it totally threw my day off. i was still in my PJs on the couch at 7:30am, not doing anything productive, which is not how i've been spending my mornings lately. people are saying i'm getting hooked on working out ... me, hooked on exercising?! seriously? wow.

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Anonymous said...

Go Y! Go! Your hard work and dedication to everything you commit to really does make impressive results. You have a beautiful family because of your hard work and dedication, two amazing kiddos, amazing scrapbook layouts/cards/projects and now look at your work out results! Great job!