34 months.

little miss bossy
maya @ 34 months :: september 4, 2008

  • finally realized the piano can be played. she actually plays quite well and smoothly considering her pretty short fingers.
  • calls herself "superman" ... she also calls spiderman "superman."
  • took her to the body worlds 3 exhibit at the california sciencenter. when we stepped in and she saw the first skeleton she said, rather unconvincingly, "i scared!" she showed great interest in the plastinized digestive tract; i showed her where her food goes and how her unchi was stuck in her intenstine. since then she talks about gummy bears going through her tummy bones (she doesn't quite grasp the idea of organs) back and forth and coming out as unchi with a plop. she was also intrigued by the lecture i gave on how jiji's lungs are black like the cancer-infested lungs on display and hers were more white/pink. jiji's lungs are now bacchi (dirty).
  • while we were watching who framed roger rabbit she kept referring to jessica rabbit as "little mermaid."
  • the thing she says most often may quite possibly be, "sowwy [sorry] mama."
  • fun at legoland with mama and ian. she really liked captain cranky's challenge, which swung us around all over the place, and the big lego elephant that shoots water out of its trunk.
  • a few days in palm springs with my side of the family. we spent a lot of time in the pool. she also confirmed that she is a complete flirt; she was after my sister's boyfriend the whole time we were in palm springs.
  • likes to eat korean nori (seaweed), wrapped around rice or all by itself.
  • playing with D's iphone ... she knows how to access the photos, zooms in and out, and plays games. in fact, she was so into popping bubbles that she didn't notice D tickling her feet.
  • although we decided to forget potty-training while she's dealing with her unchi issues, she's been pretty good about going potty on the toilet before bed.
  • can pick things up (like puzzle pieces) with her toes ... just like her mama.
  • she is getting into the bad, lazy habit of saying, "can't do it" without really trying. gee, i wonder where she got that defeatist attitude from?
  • now that football season has started, maya is watching games with rupert and ian. for almost every play she yells, "touchdown!"
  • says, "sure!" for answering in the affirmative.
  • i went to get her from her nap and she had torn apart and completely obliterated her diaper, as well as peed in her crib. lovely.
  • she loves having "shake shake" for dessert (vanilla ice cream with milk).
  • she is turning into a girly-girl :: at our friend's house she was all about their daughter's princess crown and dress-up clothes (i.e., ariel costume and tutu).


Krimey said...

girl, you're lucky she didn't take that nap diaper drama a step further...something i had the pleasure of experiencing with Girl a few months ago!

valuable mommy lesson learned: no more dresses sans bloomers underneath during nap time. :P

Anonymous said...

And you forgot...totally adorable even when cranky. Because she is. She really is growing and what a beautiful job you have done tracking her growth her on the blog, not just for the memories but so all of us can enjoy "watching" her grow even though we don't see her all the time. Your the best Y!