35 months.

miss piggy
maya @ 35 months :: october 4, 2008

  • at the beginning of the month, her diaper was not fitting right for some reason (i.e., her pee leaked frequently). at first we thought it was because we got some huggies (we usually use pampers), then we thought it was because her pampers were too small, but now that we've switched to bigger pampers and it's still happening, we're stumped. --> duh, she's just peeing more!
  • likes to make herself dizzy by twirling around, running in circles, or spinning on her butt
  • favorite movie :: harry potter (usually "harry potter and the sorcerer's stone")
  • favorite game :: wii fit ski jump
  • favorite animal :: elephants
  • we made her cry when we told her not to eat her boogers because it's gross
  • she can wash her hands by herself. she even drags the stool over to the light switch to turn the light on and off.
  • back to playing with her friend julia, but now i have to swing by ian's old school (after dropping him off at his current grades 3-5 school) so she can have her mini-playdate each morning.
  • i cannot seem to get rid of the fruit flies in our kitchen, and when maya sees them she says, "bug :: squish it!" as she claps her hands together.
  • collecting rose petals in her basket purse, ziploc bags, and spongebob tin.
  • hiding her hands behind her back when she's taken something or has something that she shouldn't have.
  • after some playdates with more potty-trained friends she's been going to the bathroom more consistently :: "i NEED to go peepee!!"
  • climbing into her crib (swings her legs over the front if it's lowered).
  • likes to use colored pencils :: the other day she was "drawing" colorful lines on a piece of paper and when rupert asked her what she was drawing she replied they were all "mad people."
  • got a hand-me-down (3-wheeled) scooter from our next door neighbors. she's really cute in her doggy helmet, kicking along the sidewalk ... until she runs into something.
  • the dreaded "why?"s have begun.
  • she's beginning to express fear more frequently :: "i scared" and she hugs herself. she's been sleeping fine in her room without a nightlight but now she occasionally complains about the dark. (ian having just recently stopped using a nightlight we are trying very hard not to get her to use one.)
  • a clear sign that we need to cut down on the tv-watching :: "i like this commercial!"
  • breaking bones and choking ... and she thinks it's funny.
  • when she's got attitude we hear a lot of, "i know!" but when she's being cute she'll say stuff like, "oh, i got ya!"
  • calls the iphone "debbie phone," since my step-sis has one.
  • taking fewer and fewer naps ... boo!knows a few more letters (w, c, r, q); rupert has been working with her using flashcards.
  • learned from somewhere that after you say, "trick or treat!" you get candy.
  • i've caught her using my scissors, snipping pieces of papers into tiny pieces.
  • she likes to assign "mama," "dada," "baby," and "niinii" roles to everything living (usually by size).


Anonymous said...

LOVE that photo! So perfect. She is getting to be quite the big girl, isn't she? You have done an amazing job of not only documenting but sharing her growth. What a special gift you have preserved for her and shared with all your family and friends by your posts...thank you!

grudgegirl said...

OK, once again, the similarities are freaky. Charlotte loves the Wii fit ski jump. She has to be reminded not to absentmindedly eat boogers (WHY?!?! WHYGODWHY?!?! None of my other kids has done that!). She has a pink chair she drags around to turn lights on and off. She collects any flower petals she sees on the ground, or anywhere else. We even have a petal compartment on Holland's stroller. Girl has to have her closet light on when sleeping. And she is, at this very moment, cutting paper into several million tiny slivers. It's one of her favorite activities.

That's just weird!