what i made for dinner :: quick sausage + mushroom lasagna

mushroom + sausage lasagna

lasagna is such a great dish to fall back on when you need something relatively quick, easy, and hearty. the newest issue of bon appetit had a delicious-sounding recipe for quick sausage + mushroom lasagna so i had to try it out the next time i was in need of a dinner recipe that yields lots of servings (for leftovers, of course).

it's actually not so quick if you have to slice all of the mushrooms yourself; that slowed me down a bit. but the recipe itself is simple and the assembly is quick. and, boy, was it yummy. ian, of course, picked out most of the mushrooms but maya enthusiastically ate it all.

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Anonymous said...

I swear I can almost smell this cooking...and it makes me hungry!

I was thinking about making lasagna tonight, but am opting for a Mexican beef and corn pie because it is less work, recipe from the "heart healthy" recipe book and because I can't eat tomatoes, I get to eat this and not have to make a "special" serving or additional lasagna just for myself.