38 months.

maya triptych
maya @ 38 months :: january 4, 2009

  • two of her new favorite sayings, both of which we are trying to expel from her vocabulary :: yada (no, i don't want to, uh-uh in japanese) + dumdum (from lovely spongebob square pants)
  • her potty training is regressing a bit. when she's distracted with playtime or eating she just goes.
  • trial day at preschool went fairly well, but we were there so i'm not sure how it will go on her actual first day. she, of course, hogged the sink before snack time, just leisurely rinsing her hands while all the other kids waited patiently. she also cut in line to wash her hands. i'm also concerned that she's not going to pull up her pants very well (she tries to pull up her panties and pants at the same time, and then her panties get all bunched up). i'm also worried that her jap-lish (japanese-english) will confuse the teachers. well, there's lots to worry about but there's no sense in getting too worked up until actual problems arise, i guess.
  • still confused about hanukkah :: she wanted to blow out the menorah candles and she was really much more about the ho-ho-ho (i.e., santa).
  • she likes to go on trike rides around the block with rupert.
  • when you come into our house you are basically entering whiny-town. the whining has gotten worse lately; or maybe it's because we've all been home lately and we're getting on each other's nerves.
  • her favorite new dessert :: one marshmallow after dinner
  • she seemed to like the smurfs and the gummi bears cartoons, both rented from netflix
  • she's taken a great liking to ian's new stuffed penguin, fluffy. there have been some tiffs about who gets to sleep with fluffy each night ("ian not need to sleep with fluffy!"), but ian has been very generous in allowing maya to play with fluffy ... as long as she doesn't hide fluffy in the kitchen cabinet again.

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Anonymous said...

You will need to tell M she can't hide the penguin in the kitchen unless she wants Fluffy stew for dinner!

She really is growing up and it sounds like Pre-School is going to end up helping her learn more about sharing, communicating and even a bit more about herself.

I have an great fantastic 2009 requested for you and it looks like it is starting off on the right foot!