happy new year!

i've been framed

i can't decide whether a new year's resolution is necessary this year. did i have one last year? let me see ... it appears i did have something like a resolution. huh, fancy that; i didn't even remember. instead of a traditional resolution, i chose a word to guide my actions :: do.

i'm usually satisfied with good enough so i have to say i did a better-than-good-enough job with this one. instead of sitting on my butt, i got active and lost weight. instead of putting it off, i signed up and completed two 5k races. instead of taking a back seat, i actively participated in more pta activities. instead of just thinking about it, i went out and got a job (granted that happened 12 months into the year, but hey, it happened).

so, what to do about 2009?

if i were to choose another word, moderation comes to mind. in many aspects i have an obsessive compulsive sort of personality. when i get into something, i really get into it. then i often drop it like a hot potato. (which explains the many half-finished craft projects and over-abundance of craft supplies.) my lack of self-control also accounts for the countless hours i spend surfing the internet, getting overwhelmed with too many obligations, and my very loose purse strings.

i would definitely like to work on showing some restraint in all aspects of my life ::
  1. saying "no" every once in awhile;
  2. not getting sucked into surfing the internet/reading/video gaming/etc. for hours on end (maybe i should use a timer to limit each activity?);
  3. no more aimless shopping trips to michaels, joann, target, or the bookstore;
  4. getting more sleep; and most importantly,
  5. making sure i find a good balance between work, family, friends, and personal needs (aren't all moms looking for this balance?)

lofty goals, these are, but i'm up to the challenge. i'm feeling uncharacteristically optimistic (and partially in denial of my inherently lazy personality)!

one other very important thing to work on this year ... being a better laundress. i must complete the entire cycle of laundering (wash, fold, put away) in a more timely manner. well, okay, it's not just the laundry i need to work on; i probably should be a better housekeeper in general. (i am reminded of this -- once again -- as rupert is moving unfolded laundry from the bed back to the living room so we can actually sleep in our bed and he's getting the dishwasher ready to run ... as i'm sitting on the couch blogging.)

so, dear reader, i ask you :: do you have any interesting goals, resolutions, or ambitions for 2009?


Robin said...

There's never enough hours in the day for creative souls. The laundry always waits patiently. The housework has its own mission to make us waste time cleaning. I saw a quote as a child, "boring women have clean houses." How to deal with that notion? I don't want to be boring, but I don't want to be considered a lazy homemaker! Finding that delicate balance...
It seems we're always hardest on ourselves! After reading your blog (congrats on librarian position at Robinson—aren't they the lucky ones!) and your crafting and reading and your company—you are anything but boring—a tremendous compliment if you're following the drift.

Anne Huber said...

dude, i'm so impressed. you really did DO 2008. way to go!!!!! i've never kept a new years resolution.

Anonymous said...

I decided to adopt a word instead of a resolution for the New Year. I accept each year lately has been stinky for me and it just keeps rolling that way...so this year is the year of "remedy" for me. Crud is going to come way (meet my family and you know I can't escape crud and then there is the fact I seem to be a freak magnet)...but with some quick "remedies" here and there, I can defeat the crud, the blahs and the anguish better than I have been in the past. That word "no" you speak of...hmmm, I think I have heard it before and if memory doesn't fail me, it was a word I thought belonged in my vocabulary...but some how it keeps escaping. I am going to use you as an angel on my shoulder in 2009...and you will be whispering to me "hey, remember this word...no!"