what i made for dinner :: cheddadr-topped shepherd's pie

what i made for dinner :: cheddar-topped shepherd's pie

i made dinner three times last week and for all three meals i tried out new recipes. first up, cheddar-topped shepherd's pie from the october 2008 issue of everyday food magazine. i knew it was something rupert wouldn't be particularly fond of, but ian actually showed some enthusiasm about eating it so that was enough reason for me to make it.

for the most part this recipe was quick + tasty, but there are a couple of issues :: i must be a very slow mirepoix-prepper because it always takes me much longer than i anticipate to do the veggie chopping; the beef filling is bland so it needs to be seasoned liberally with salt + pepper (it's very strange to me that the recipe doesn't call for salt + pepper in the filling); don't dump in all of the milk at once to mash the potato, unless you want a soggy potato topping. oh yes, last but not least, don't be skimpy with the cheese!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Brad never gets anything like this. He doesn't want the cheese to it, but I don't do potatoes. He used to LOVE the Trader Joe's shepherd's pie, but when he had to cut his sodium...that was something he chose to give up.