46 months.

maya @ 46 months :: september 4, 2009
  • we spent a week in palm desert with my parents (an annual tradition). boy, does she like staying at hotels! she also loves swimming and she'll jump into the pool if you let her hold one of your fingers, but she doesn't like to float around on her own.
  • the following conversation pretty much summarizes her attitude right now ::
    maya :: i'm the boss!
    ian :: no, you're not.
    maya :: why not?! i'm three and three-quarters!
  • went on an overnight trip with ian and her grandparents to legoland.
  • one of her favorite books is "go, dog. go!"
  • she started in the "official" pre-K class, i.e., the four-year-old class at her preschool. i'm happy 'cause tuition is lower thanks to the LAUP program.
  • keeps talking about going to ian's friends' houses for sleepovers when she's 16 and 24. i guess it's because we told her she has to be a little bit older to go, but i think i would be hesitant to let her spend the night at a boy's house when she's 16!

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Anonymous said...

Those are some real gems to preserve. Wow! 46 months really does mean she is growing up. When did we all start aging so quickly?