what i made for dinner :: chipotle chicken + rice

going back to work dampens my mood for making dinner. well, not really. it dampens my mood for thinking about what to make for dinner. if you tell me what to make, for the most part, i'm okay about the actual cooking part.

to help me find something to make, i signed up to get daily emails from everyday food. i file them away in my email "recipes" folder and scan through them when i'm at a loss as to what to make. i'm all about the simple, quick, as-few-ingredients-as-possible recipes so tonight i made chipotle chicken + rice. (it helped that, when i cleaned out the pantry, i came across a can of chipotle chiles in adobo that needed to be used.)

the cook time is a tad on the long side, but actual prep time is quick. unfortunately, we are light-weights when it comes to spiciness so even just two chipotle chiles made us sweat and our noses run. luckily, ian wasn't around for dinner and maya ate leftover chinese food so we didn't have the kids complaining about "it's too spi~cy! i don't li~ke it!"

i did neglect to use lime and cilantro as garnish, so that might make a difference. the other thing i'm going to try, at rupert's suggestion (and a good one, at that), is to alter the recipe and make a mexican paella. don't you think it would be good with chorizo, seafood, lime, cilantro, etc.?

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