47 months.

Maya @ 47 months :: October 4, 2009
  • Is a total Daddy's Girl right now ... which is fine by me since it means she bothers Rupert in the morning instead of me!
  • Started "Hot Shots," a tumbling class, at school. It's a great way to get her to wear something other than dresses.
  • She can be very lovable + sweet when she wants to be. I get lots of "Mama, I love you all day," which makes my day.
  • On the other hand, she often hits or kicks Ian, usually in the face. Then I send her to her room for time-out and she always asks for the timer so she knows when to come out.
  • Despite beating up on her brother, she enjoys spending time with him and his friend R when they are hanging out in the morning before school.
  • Her drawing infatuation continues. Lately she's been drawing more animals and making bookmarks for me.
  • She's taller than I think she is :: I put the scissors up high since she was having issues with cutting paper up, but it turns out she can reach it on her tip-toes (I didn't notice because she was good enough to put the scissors back after using it). She can also turn on the lights in the house; now, if only she'd turn them off.
  • Has a fascination with butts and boobs.

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