Week in the Life 2011 :: Day 7, Sunday

6:55am: Wake up and groggily decide whether I want to go to yoga. Maybe I don't want to go right now, but in the grand scheme of things I know I want to go. Besides, I want to try out my new yoga mat. Drag myself out of bed and get ready.

7:05am: I think I wake Maya up while walking past her room. I hear her calling for me so I get her and plunk her down on the couch to watch TV until Ian and/or Rupert wake up. Leave for yoga at 7:10am.

Sunday: yoga
7:30am~9:00am: Yoga.

Sunday: Fry's
9:10am: Head over to Fry's to pick up a screen protector for the iPad. I have to hunt around for a bit but I finally find the $9 pack. (I can't believe there are people who would pay $25 for one sheet of plastic!)

Sunday: making sand art
9:35am: When I get home I find Maya and Rupert in the backyard making sand art. Ian is inside reading. I desperately need coffee. (I'm convinced, as is Rupert, that if I don't have my coffee I get headaches, which is what happened yesterday. Can you say, "coffee withdrawal"?) According to Rupert, this is the second day in a row that Maya is cranky and whiny in the morning. Glad I missed that!

Sunday: Pucca in Japan
10:00am: Wish my brother-in-law (and two other friends) a happy birthday on FB. Get hungry so I resort to Rice Crispy Treats again. Maya is also hungry and has a snack (or two) while she watches even more Pucca. Rupert is doing work on his laptop.

11:00am: Finally get ahold of our friend M who's in town for the 6-man tournament (we've been trying to coordinate something since Thursday). Plan to have lunch with him at La Penita. Rupert and Ian go outside to play basketball. I'm struggling with putting the screen protector on. Please learn from my mistakes: trying repeatedly is not a good idea, use a ruler to prevent air bubbles, don't try laying down the plastic at your dining table where there's lots of lint from the tablecloth and placemats. Rupert decides he has to take a shower, even though it's 11:25 and we're supposed to be in Hermosa Beach in 20 minutes.

Sunday: lunch @ La Penita
11:35am: Leave the boys behind (they're going in a separate car so they can go to Ian's Lego robotics class afterward) and head over to meet M. Luckily, we find parking easily. Rupert and Ian join us a short time later and we have lunch. Maya's tooth falls out part way through lunch.

12:45pm: Rupert and Ian leave to make it to Ian's class on time. M, Maya, and I sit and chat for a little while longer before we go our separate ways.

1:00pm: Since we're in the neighborhood, I decide to swing by work and pick up my mail. There are two postcards from students for me! (I asked the kids to send postcards from their travels so we can decorate our Read Around the World bulletin board in the fall.) Maya asks to check-out some snake books.

1:15pm: I ask Maya to water the tomato plant in the backyard because it's looking a little wilted. These plants require SO much water! Once inside, she gets a turn with the iPad to do some coloring. I'm about to doze off.

Sunday: light weekend reading
2:00pm: I give Maya permission to watch TV and what does she turn on? SpongeBob. Blech! That's my signal to head to the bedroom to read; I browse through the July issue of School Library Journal.

2:30pm~2:40pm: Nap. It's amazing how quickly I conk out, how I wake up automatically after 10 or 15 minutes, and how much better I feel afterward.

2:50pm: Call Rupert to ask him to get something to make dinner tonight. Take a shower.

3:10pm: Hop back on the computer to work on keeping up with today's entry for Week in the Life, catch up on twitter (and subsequent links I find), and download this week's free audiobook from Audiobook Community.

3:40pm: Ian and Rupert get home. Rupert bought chicken legs to barbecue for dinner. Yay! Ian goes to his room to read.

Sunday: dad & daughter art time
4:00pm: Maya convinces Rupert to spend time with her water painting.

4:45pm: Color with Maya on the iPad. The drawing part is harder because my fingertips are so stubby.

5:00pm: Rupert starts marinating the chicken. He goes back and forth between painting and getting dinner ready.

Sunday: BBQ chicken dinner
6:00pm: Dinner!

... and because I waited so long to write this part of the day up, I've forgotten what happened after dinner. Most likely we watched a lot of TV!

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