a police officer visited me one day and ...

offered to use me as an extra on his tv show!

it's taken me forever and a day to post this ... about 10 days ago officer chris cognac (aka the culinary detective, soon to be known as the food network's food detective) dropped by to say hi. needless to say i was thrilled that he came by to chat about traffic and food; it was literally the highlight of my week.

officer cognac is incredibly friendly and generous with news about the realities of making a food show. he holds down a full-time job as a police officer and uses his days off to travel around the country filming his upcoming show, "the food detective." if you watch the food network, i'm sure you've already seen commercials for the show, which premieres october 17 at 10:30pm on the food network. be sure to watch it so the food network will give him more money and freedom to make more shows!

there's a whole bunch of stuff officer cognac told me but i'm not going to share just yet because i don't know how much is supposed to be "public knowledge." but it was neat to hear about AB, what we didn't see on the last episode of "feasting on asphalt," and what it's like to be a judge on "iron chef america" (the episode officer cognac judged on will be aired in october, i think). geeky as this sounds, i was totally giddy to hear the inside scoop on food television, which is totally different than the restaurant and general foodie worlds.

rupert was excited for me that i got to meet officer cognac, and even more excited to hear that we might get invited to be extras in one of the los angeles segments of his show.

p.s. officer cognac told me about egullet.com, which is supposed to be a great resource. so i'm off to investigate!


myra said...

Wow! That's so exciting and so very cool!

Steliza said...

You are too cool Y! You prove that helping your community out with a traffic issue can be a positive and fun experience. I do get to chuckle at you though...here you thought a few months ago your blog was boring and not having an impact...wrong!