week 44.

maya @ 44 weeks :: september 8, 2006
  • she can climb up the back cushion of the couch by herself. we have an old, low entertainment center up against the back of the couch with the fish tank on top of it. maya was determined to get to the fish tank. she climbed up the back of the couch and was basically standing up on the back so she could try to get into the fish tank.
  • no doubt about it, she loves the pool! we went to our friends' house and she was practically throwing herself into the water.
  • for some reason she likes to rub rupert's and ian's socks on her face. eew!
  • she got her bangs trimmed for the first time.
  • at meals she insists on eating with everyone else; if she sees us eating she has to be fed too.
  • for a few nights last week she was sleeping through the night, but now she's back to waking up at 3am for a feeding.
  • she can vibrate her voice "indian style" (sorry, that's not very politically correct) by saying "ahhh" and hitting her mouth with her palm.
  • rupert noticed that after he gets home from work and he's changing into his lounging-around clothes, maya will grab and hand him his pj pants.
  • shakes her head side-to-side when she doesn't want something/someone.

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allison said...

CUTE haircut!