week 43.

[ack! i forgot to take a single picture of maya this week, so i have nothing to show!]
maya @ 43 weeks :: september 1, 2006
  • has a really goofy smile lately. it looks like a toothy grin/grimace so we're never sure if she's happy or upset.
  • really getting great at mimicing us, especially when it comes to play time. we found an old japanese toy cellphone that belonged to ian, and after i put it to my ear and said, "moshi moshi" (japanese for "hello" on the telephone) she picked it up and put it up to the side of her head. she also hagu-hagus (gives hugs) to stuffed animals, zoom-zooms toy cars, throws balls, and turns pages in books.
  • unlike last week when she liked to pull her hand away, she will now actually hand you items as if to say, "here, you play with it."
  • seems kinda obvious, but she knows her way around the house. if she hears ian she will expertly crawl out of her room and head directly to his room down the hall.
  • says something akin to "papa"/"dada".
  • she is getting much better at crouching/squatting down from a standing position. her knees bend and she slowly lowers herself down.
  • as i've posted before, she likes to rip up paper items like newspapers. she also likes to tear apart any paper napkins she can get her hands on. the other day, i was trying to get her to relinquish part of a napkin when she proceeded to rub the front of her body with it ... just like how i wipe all of the spit-up off her shirt everyday.

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