week 51.

maya at 51 weeks :: october 27, 2006
  • she's definitely becoming a sesame street fan. there was an article about the new tickle me elmo doll in the newspaper, and when i showed it to her she laughed and came charging at me and ripped it out of my hands. she was also thrilled to find a cookie monster stuffie in her pile of toys; she's been carrying it around since.
  • some new foods: fish, jarred chicken noodle dinner (she spit up afterwards ...), edamame
  • when she plays with cars, she rolls them around while making car noises.
  • she kisses people and things with her mouth wide open.
  • her sense of humor is definitely starting to develop. last night while playing with the mail rupert warned her not to eat the envelope. so she pretends to rip off a piece and eat it, cracking up the whole time.
  • if she needs a diaper change she'll crawl to her room and the changing table.
  • i've mentioned before that she's starting to stand on her own more. this week she's been making more of an effort to stand unaided often for longer periods of time (usually while she's eating for some reason). when she does it she has such a huge smile on her face; she must be really proud.
  • grocery shopping has become a hazardous activity because she likes to stand up in the cart, even while it's moving.
  • on wednesday she decided to call everything and everyone "mama" (ex. the living room garbage can and rupert).
  • her "monkey crawl" is super fast and she moves around the house in a flash. sometimes she's pushing herself around so quickly she flips over.
  • nothing is safe in the house anymore: her reach is getting longer and longer, she's constantly on her tippy-toes and one of her legs always seems to be up in the air in an attempt to climb up a piece of furniture, and she manages to wedge herself into and through the smallest spaces to get where she wants to go (ex. the "barricade" i've made with the dining room chairs to keep her away from my books is totally useless now).


Steliza said...

Your little gal just keeps growing up so quickly. Impressive accomplishments that she continues to achieve...sorry about the barricades for you though. You have to celebrate her intelligence and ingeniuty though and embrace your new challenges to outwit her!

allison said...

sounds like she's got a great sense of humor...love the story about taunting dad by pretending to eat the envelope. she's changing so FAST! i can't wait to see her again.