girls' day '07

rupert claims everyday is girls' day ... at least at our house! once again we celebrated hinamatsuri at my parents' house; nothing fancy this year (last year was a bit more elaborate). lunch of tempura and chirashi zushi (no sashimi on ours today), some hina-arare (puffed and sweetened rice cracker) for maya, and pictures in front of the dolls.

usually it's really labor-intensive to set up the hina-ningyou (also known as ohina-sama), especially a set as large as ours. but my mom didn't take the set down from last year. great, right? but it turns out that the later you put the dolls away the later your daughter gets married. which i guess was a bad thing back in the day. so don't be surprised if maya ends up an old spinster with 10 cats.

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allison said...

devin's still got his eye on maya even if you didn't put the dolls away! :-)