proof of my obsessive personality

i hate to admit it but i started another hobby :: carving rubber stamps. i bought a speedy-stamp kit by speedball (which they don't even sell anymore) three or four years ago and i just opened it the other day. and now i can't stop carving stamps. i'm totally hooked!

along with not opening my kit, i bought a stamp carving book by keiko koma more than a year ago that i could only admire until now. i used her adorable illustrations to trace my images for the stamps i carved (12 of them in two days). i also carved 3 other designs :: one of a bird (i used the image from a newspaper clipping about doorbell plates by flopping fish) and two little girl faces for my "brand," sleepyhead paper designs.

that's the original reason why i pulled out the stamp carving kit in the first place. i wanted to stamp my logo on the items i'm creating. i plan to stamp one of the tags on my tagE*blankEs (that's what i've decided to call them) with my logo and the inside of the onesies i'm painting. i'm slowly but surely starting to think seriously about my craft as a small source of income.


allison said...

i love the name you gave to your taggie blankets, and i think they would be a popular item of sale because they are so cute. in fact, when i saw the one you made for maya, i actually MADE one myself (and anyone who knows me knows that's a BIG DEAL), inspired by yours. and let me testify that they are hard to make, so i think it's a great idea for you to sell them online!

Anonymous said...

Your stamps are so cool! I know a *friend* who has that Speedball kit and has wanted to use it but never has yet...after four years or more. Maybe you need to give my *friend* a kick in the pants! Or take her stuff from *her*. You will have to show me your great work some time!