maya's a real piece of work

yesterday was one of those days i wish didn't happen ... at least, i wish it had happened differently. it started off like any other saturday. but then maya woke up from her nap screaming her head off, which, admittedly, isn't that different from some other days.

the difference was that she was inconsolable for over an hour. and, at the same time, she was kinda lethargic. she was flopped over in our arms but tossing and turning because it seemed like she couldn't get comfortable. she refused liquid and food, and that got us really worried because we can always convince her to eat a snack.

after lots of rocking, dozing off in our arms (another thing she never does), walks outside and a lukewarm bath, on the "advice" of a pediatric nurse hotline, we headed to a clinic that's open on saturday. of course, they wouldn't take our insurance so we had to go to the emergency room. this is where i wish our decision making skills had steered us in a different direction. specifically, the direction of home.

no surprise the emergency room was crowded and it took four hours to get from waiting room to triage to registration to the treatment room. within that span of four excruciatingly annoying and boring hours maya was miraculously cured of her symptoms.

we spent the most time waiting for the doctor in the treatment room. it's difficult to remain patient when you see the doctor right there and you still have to wait close to two hours to see her.

and it's also difficult because the daughter you thought was sick is now happily walking around the emergency room, eating and playing. by the time we finally see the doctor all she can tell us is to go home and keep an eye on maya to make sure her symptoms don't reappear and get worse. gee, thanks for telling us what we already know. and that diagnosis of "irritability resolved"? so not true; maya continues to be quite irritable ... and irritating!

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allison said...

i guess maya just needed something more painful and more irritating than whatever was bothering her - namely, the boring emergency room. i guess four hours of boredom cured her of the irritability, at least temporarily. :-)