18 months (i.e., 1.5 years old!)

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maya @ 18 months :: may 4, 2007
  • some new favorite foods: kiwi, milk shakes, raw bean sprouts (ew!)
  • weaned her off the nighttime and morning bottle; she's not getting as much milk as before so we're giving her more yogurt and cheese.
  • maybe because of the weaning she was really cranky in the morning for awhile.
  • new favorite toys: finger cymbals, plastic easter eggs, dragging around half-deflated balloons from trader joe's as if they were dogs on a leash, superballs (which she will throw with an "ungh!")
  • opening drawers and cabinets so we had to empty out the ones in the living room (she was pulling out ian's books, rupert's cds, and all kinds of other stuff).
  • likes bracelets and anklets. my mother-in-law gave her a charm bracelet from the charlotte's web dvd and she knew right away to put it around her wrist. in rie class she takes the plastic bracelets and tries to get them around her ankles.
  • was actually interested in seeing the animals at our last trip to the zoo. before she just sat in the stroller but this time she insisted on being picked up to look at the animals. her favorites: lions, seals, giraffs, gazelle-like animals.
  • first bike ride :: april 15 with rupert. no surprise she hated the helmet and spent most of the bikeride trying to take it off.
  • loves it when you make monkey noises. she pulls out her animal book, points at the monkeys and looks at you expectantly. she'll do it too. maybe it's related or maybe not, but she likes the curious george cartoon on pbs.
  • will always put stickers from the local markets on the bottoms of her feet. she doesn't like socks or shoes but she'll "wear" stickers. go figure.
  • turns the lightswitch on and off.
  • likes to ride around in the push-trike that used to be ian's. it's been sitting outside for five years so it's seen better times but she doesn't care.
  • she continues to love all living things (dogs, cats, birds, fish, monkeys, babies).

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Krimey said...

how exactly do you wean a child off the night time bottle? how long did that take and how did it go???