when it rains it pours

i've been mia for the last few weeks. i don't know what happened but all of a sudden i got busy. busy with work. yes, you heard me right :: paid work.

i started tutoring last month, which is not a huge time-taker-upper but it doesn't pay that well either. i've heard that credentialed teachers who tutor can ask as much as $50 per hour. i'm not credentialed, but i have enough experience to know how to teach certain things, like reading (all that open court training paid off). and i'm bilingual (which is a skill i use because my student just moved here from japan six months ago). so, at the very least i should get paid $25 per hour, in my opinion. but right now i'm only getting paid $20 per hour. but when you consider the commuting and prepping and finding a babysitter for the kids, it just may not be worth it to keep this job.

on the more creative side, i've been making tagE*blankEs. some of my (very generous) friends are helping me with this fledgling business by buying them. it helps that people go gaga over baby stuff and they loosen their purse strings a bit. they've also been kind enough to spread the word so i've had enough orders to keep me busy.

i've also been playing with paper :: working on a couple of wedding invitation orders and creating welcome invitations for our friends' new baby. it's fun, but it could be funner if everything didn't happen at once! you know me, i'm not the multitasking type.

the messy craft areaconsequently, my crafting area is a huge mess. even messier than usual. i'm losing things left and right. stacks are tumbling down. receipts are piling up. rupert's tripping over everything. crazy clutter going on here. it's a bit annoying when i can't even find an empty space to put down my cup of tea, but at the same time it gives me happy pimples to think that i'm surrounded by all of my creating stuff. love it. inspired by it.

but i do need to clean up a bit so i don't make rupert angry. ;)

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