22 months.

when daddy does maya's hair

maya @ 22 months :: september 4, 2007

sadly, she can identify spongebob square pants (and patrick) :: "bunge bob"
loves to brush her teeth
says "yeah" and "hai" for the affirmative
is better with using a fork and spoon, although eating with her fingers is clearly much more enjoyable
calls herself "mai" and points to herself
will hide in our closet; doesn't seem to mind being in dark places
first time away from me when i went to argentina for 12 days. she got used to napping at my parents', which is something she didn't do before. i came back and she has been clingy; i was hoping if she were around rupert more she would be attached to him but i was wrong.
i hear a lot of "eat more" during mealtimes
tries to swim in the tub
will want to go into the shower with somebody but the second the water starts pouring on her head she screams to get out
is getting used to small waves at the beach. when she sees the ocean from the car she yells out, "beach! beach!"
at the beach she will chase the seagulls, laughing hysterically, calling them "quack quack"
loves to dance to music and sounds
it makes me cringe, but she likes what we call "slurpies," the milk left in the cereal bowl --> she gets that from her father and brother
can finally put up a finger for one (and "ichi") and both index fingers for two. when she puts up one finger it often means she wants one more of something.
her favorite words must be "ow" and "woa!" because she says it all day long
constantly picks at the skin on the middle of her top lip; she also pulls at her cuticles and any skin hanging off her fingers
she tries to dress herself (usually over clothes she already has on). she's a pro at getting rupert's and ian's socks on, and she's now working on her own pants, dresses, and shirts ... although sometimes the shirts go on her legs and the pants go on her arms.
another clear sign she watches waaaaaaay too much tv :: she can now pick out her own videos from the video drawer. lately it's been a lot of "boos koos" (blue's clues).her favorite food is cheeseburgers :: she can finish off a whole cheeseburger from in-n-out.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, she is getting so big. Wow! I feel so special that you allow us glimpses into watching her grow up along with you by your blog posts.