lunch. massage. facial. sisters. bliss.

girls' spa day @ burke-williams

i can't believe i went 31 years without a facial! sure the extraction was kinda uncomfortable. but having someone else wash your face for you? loved it!

and it was all thanks to my step-sis, D (second from left in the pic). she organized a girls' spa day at burke-williams in santa monica as a late birthday (for me) and late graduation (for our lil sis, A) celebration.

but more than the spa day i'm totally loving that we're finally connecting as sisters. like many people, the three of us come from a messed up, mixed-up family. A and i grew up a few cities away from D physically, but emotionally we were very very far apart. it's taken too many years for us to connect, but i think it's finally happening, and i couldn't be happier!

[rupert mentioned to me just now that i thanked D but i didn't thank him ... the person who gave me the gift certificates for the massage and facial. they were gifts from my first year of motherhood and i never got around to making an appointment. so, thank you rupert! and if you can't think of anything to get me in the future, i did like the facial a lot. just thought you ought to know.]


happeedeb said...

yes thank you dear rupert for allowing for my sis to get away for a day! I had an amazing time spent with the family. And i now can truely call it a family! I am so excited how things have taken off since Hawaii... i think i have been waiting for this day! Thank you for being so open and a just a great support! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I just had my first facial in July and loved it too, well, liked the facial not the chick who did it though. What a special day and so nice to see sisters happy spending time together. That is really great and you give me hope maybe one day my sisters and I will find ways to mend bridges and connect. I think that would require truck loads of Prozac for them though...