what i made for dinner :: cold ramen noodles


last week we had a heat wave so i made cold ramen noodles for dinner. unlike the more popular hot ramen noodles, remen (literally "cold noodles") doesn't have a soup. you pour a sauce over the noodles and topping.

i prepared a few more toppings than usual that particular night :: char siu pork, poached chicken, kinshi tamago, cucumbers, tomotoes (for me), and sauteed eggplant and green beans. i buy my char siu pork from the japanese market; it's the sweeter variety, but at some point i may try to make my own savory version. kinshi tamago is "golden thread eggs"; you make a very thin egg omelet and then thinly slice it. i poached the chicken breast in the microwave with sake and cilantro for six minutes (five minutes might be enough).

a couple of days later i made the last packet of noodles for lunch with the leftover cucumbers, tomatoes, chicken and pork. i didn't want to spend the time making the kinshi tamago, so i made sunny side up eggs with slightly runny yolks, which mingles really well with the noodles and sesame sauce. (see picture above)

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