One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight! Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!

ian and uncle A

we spent last weekend in milwaukee to attend rupert's brother's medical school graduation. he and his girlfriend will be moving to rochester next month for their residency so this would probably be the only opportunity (reason) to go to milwaukee.

and what a wonderful midwestern city it was. rupert kept saying that it wasn't as dingy and rundown as he thought it would be. nice, huh? what was he expecting, exactly?


rupert's brother, A, and his girlfriend, A (i know, it's confusing), live in the shorewood area of milwaukee and it's just gorgeous along lake drive :: the huge mansions, the spring flowers, the view of lake michigan. i went for a jog both mornings we were there and it was lovely ... and quite possibly some of my favorite moments of the trip.

burke brise soleil

one of the things i wanted to see in milwaukee was the milwaukee art museum and the burke brise soleil. unfortunately, everytime we passed the museum the wings were closed. we didn't stay long enough to view the exhibits in the museum but we managed to get a few shots of the amazing glass chandelier by dale chihuly.

afterwards we headed to the betty brinn children's museum, which the kids really enjoyed. it's a great little museum with tons to do. right now there's a curious george exhibit going on, which is one of maya's favorite shows.

three monkeys
on sunday, since the weather wasn't as nice, we headed to sprecher brewery for a tour. the tour itself isn't amazing, but for $3 you get a small glass, four refills of any beer on tap, and all the soda you want at the end of the tour. i didn't get the beer but i really enjoyed the root beer (which is usually not one of my favorite drinks), cherry cola, and the ravin' red.
#1 on my things to eat in milwaukee :: frozen custard
and the last thing i *had* to do before leaving milwaukee was get a taste of frozen custard. i made my brother-in-law drive us across town to leon's. the butter pecan was delicious and i couldn't believe it only cost $1.65!
i left milwaukee really liking the midwest vibe and historic feel of the city. of course, we were staying in the nice part of town and the weather was absolutely perfect. had we gone in the middle of winter i would probably not be so enthusiastic!

the entire family
see more pictures from the weekend here.
thanks to A+A for hosting us for the weekend!


Anne said...

we had such a great time with you guys! thanks so much for visiting.... i'm glad the midwest made a favorable impression on you. aaron and i will definitely miss milwaukee. go brewers!

Anonymous said...

Here is a reason to go back to Milwakuee in August Y:


What a nice trip your family had and more importantly a great reason to be celebrating with family! Congrats to the grads!

You know Club Scrap is based in Milwaukee (the reason I have been to Appleton once before)...and I hear seeing Lambeau Field in Greenbay is a must even for non-football fans. There is a really amazing stamp/art/paper/bead store in Wisconsin too but I can't remember where exactly...oh, and all the ladies I know who have gone to the Club Scrap retreats swear a chocolate shop in Osh Kosh/Appleton area is truly to die for.

I think you all need to go back for a visit...and go see a sausage race and Bernie Brewer at Miller Park too!