i guess i'm officially a runner now

the 10-week fitness challenge is long over but i've been trying to keep up with some kind of fitness regimen. i'm not going to the gym everyday like i used to but i've been a regular jogger for a few months now. the extra cardio activity is helping me keep the weight off, but not necessarily losing additional weight (i blame overeating).

jogging is not fun. in fact, i'm not even sure i like it. the only thing that keeps me going is that i'm simply impressed with myself for moving forward constantly for an extended period of time. i try to run three to five times a week; between a mile or two most days and a long run (three to four miles) on the weekend. it's not very far -- yet -- but i'm working my way up.

when i started running i made it my goal to complete a 5k before the end of the year. i managed to accomplish that goal by mid-year :: yesterday i ran the hawthorne 5k with my step-sis and a couple of friends.

before the race

my time was a decent (for me) 33:23. i came in 131st out of 644 runners. not too shabby for my first 5k. and i have to say that i'm pretty proud for finishing it without stopping, and actually working towards a goal, and accomplishing it.

after the race

kudos to my sis, D, for coming in 3rd in our age division despite having a bad foot. she's the athletic one in our family and her encouragement really helped me these last few months. thanks also to my friend Y and her sister for participating with me; trying to catch up to them (which i never did) kept my pace faster than usual.

now, i wonder if i should challenge myself to a 10k in the fall ...


Mama de Tomi and Ikey said...
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Mama de Tomi and Ikey said...

Wow Yukari!
I'm super duper impressed! What an athlete! I love how you don't even look winded in your after pic...

Hope to see you soon!

Krimey said...

how amazing! go yucaree go!!!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome Y! Big congratulations to you.