what we'll be doing this summer

what we'll be doing this summer

after much back-and-forth, i convinced rupert to buy rock band for the wii. the morning it went on sale, i think our conversation went something like this ::

r :: i don't know if we should get it.
y :: we're going to get it.
r :: okay.
seriously, though, we did have to think about it because there are so many games we want to get. sadly, our family spends most of its free time playing video games and, therefore, our wish list of purchases only includes video games. rupert spends some of his free time "researching" upcoming games, and we debated for awhile whether to get rock band or wait for guitar hero IV - world tour to come out in the fall.

anyhoo, we decided that rock band will be an early anniversary and birthday present -- and we won't go out for our anniversary -- since it's a big purchase for us. hopefully, i'll get birthday money to offset some of the $180 it cost to buy it.

and now that we have it, there are a few things that are bothersome (we did know this stuff going in to the purchase but that didn't stop us from getting annoyed) ::
  • it's fun, but it's not as cool as the xbox version :: you can't create the members of your band; you can't go on tour; and you can't download new songs (you can, though, buy an expansion game with 20 songs).
  • dang! the drum set takes up a lot of room!
  • i cannot get used to the guitar buttons' stickiness. i'm still used to the guitar hero guitar with its clickity-clackness, so i can't seem to get the hang of strumming the rock band hero repeatedly.
  • banging on the drums is loud, which is a problem when you have a light sleeper (i.e., maya) sleeping in the next room. luckily, rupert's co-worker's huband is going to make us felt pads for them.
we're now splitting our time between rock band, lego indiana jones, playground, and boom blox. that is, until we get wii fit, mario kart, super smash brothers, house of the dead 2 & 3, resident evil 4, lego batman, star wars: the force unleashed, and order up! (or maybe we'll get iron chef america if it looks like it'll be any good). yeah, we're going to be busy through the end of the year.
he's actually a pretty good drummer

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Hobokener said...

that's cool that games are your family thing. I'm stuck playing them alone. :(

Stinky, though, that the DLC for wii is not as good as Xbox's - I think the DLC is one of the best parts of rock band for xbox - most of my favorite songs are ones I've downloaded, not ones that came with the game. And yes, the drums are really loud!