31 months.

maya @ 31 months :: june 4, 2008

  • i got around to starting her on pull-up diapers. she opted for dora ones rather than disney princess ones ... thank god! but we aren't having much luck with getting her to go shishi on the potty very often.
  • finally interested in the names of various shapes, and when she feels like it she gets her colors right. numbers and the alphabet aren't really coming along, but she did show some interest in the hiragana book i checked out for her at the library.
  • it's happening ... the dreaded, incessant "why?"s and "what's that?"s.
  • she is one bossy little lady. i will often find her talking to her little friends by literally wagging her finger at them and commanding them to do as she says.
  • picking up new phrases like "calm down!" and "whoa! that messy! (in regards to her own mess in the living room that's been there all day)".
  • one of her new favorite toys is the toy cash register and the pretend money in it.
  • was actually quite well-behaved on our plane trip to milwaukee. it probably helped that she had her own seat and we replaced our aging portable dvd player. and much to rupert's delight, she called the photo of matthew fox on the cover of the inflight magazine, "daddy."
  • she says, "c'mon! c'mon!" to get her unchi to come out.
  • if i give her a 1-2-3 warning to do something, she usually does.
  • she locked the bathroom door ... and shut it behind her.
  • she now answers "two-half" when people ask her how old she is.

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Hobokener said...

I've always thought that Matthew Fox was a dead ringer for Rupert.