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P's "no on 8 + obama" pumpkin
i normally wouldn't do this, but i've been thinking a lot about prop 8 and i just couldn't not say anything. as i drive around my neighborhood and see all the "vote yes on 8" lawn signs i get this gut-wrenching feeling that's a mixture of disgust, anger, and sadness. i can't articulate very well why it makes me so upset but i'm gonna give it a try ...
if you've watched the commercials, i'm sure you're aware that what no-voters are asking for is that all people be treated equally in regards to civil marriages. to be treated equally in the eye of the law, not in god's eyes. that's a whole other issue altogether. whatever your religious beliefs, or your opinion on gay marriage, does it sincerely seem right to you that the law would discriminate in this way? the law, theoretically, does not discriminate against people because of their race, religion, gender, age, national origin, ability/disability -- characteristics that are inherent to us. to me, sexual orientation isn't any different than those other characteristics; it's a part of a person but it's not the entire person. yet, we're willing to flat out declare in the law books that it's okay to discriminate against gays (who are said to make up 2~7% of the population) because of one part of their lives.
not even a lifetime ago i would probably have been prevented from marrying rupert. after all, interracial marriage only became legal in 1967. i couldn't imagine not being able to marry simply because i was born with one skin color and the one i love was born with a different skin color. does my skin color have anything to do with my ability to love my spouse and honor my marriage vows? in the same vein, does a person's sexual orientation have anything to do with his/her ability to be a good spouse? i don't think so. it's silly and ridiculous that the prerequisite for marriage be that a penis and a vagina be involved.
if prop 8 passes we would be discriminating against people in this state solely on their choice of who they love. we would be perpetuating intolerance (because that's what it is) to future generations, telling our children that if you're gay you're treated differently and if you're not gay it's okay to treat gays differently.

what is a "traditional marriage" anyway? the definition of "traditional" is evolving and i would venture to say that most reasonable people in this country don't subscribe to what history and/or the bible considered traditional. we no longer have polygamy or levirate marriage and a husband doesn't consider his wife chattel. why would we then base legislation on some bible literalists who are selectively choosing which passages in the bible to follow?
i don't understand why we would even consider the religious beliefs of a portion of the population be made into law for the entire population. i'm not politically naive, but whatever happened to separation of church and state? i don't care what people believe privately and religiously (although i don't understand it) but i do care very much that their religious beliefs not be forced on the rest of us as law.

but putting aside religion and law, i have to think of the actual people this proposition would affect. i personally only know one gay couple, and i was lucky enough to attend their marriage ceremony in july. i cannot imagine taking that day away from them. taking the affirmation of their love away. taking their joy away. it makes me sick that some people are unremorseful about taking away that special bond of matrimony from gay couples who finally were able to marry. can you imagine going up to a heterosexual married couple and telling them, "your marriage is wrong and the law no longer recognizes you as married."? it would be unimaginable but people are willing, no, eager, to do exactly that to their fellow human beings. it's just not right.

please please consider what i've said and vote NO on proposition 8.
[edited 12.4.08 :: this video says it all.]


Hobokener said...

you go! couldn't agree more. and I'd add to it that heteros don't exactly have a lock on successful marriages given our divorce rate.

Anonymous said...

I read an article last night and I was really disheartened to read that the reason Prop 8 was passed was because minorities (the African-American and Latino communities specifically) were heavily against it.

I understand the religious beliefs that form this decision for these minorities...but am also amazed that those who know what discrimination feels like, thinks discrimination/judgement/non-acceptance of others is ok. I find that very disturbing.

My childhood priest gave me the wisest lesson possible concerning religious beliefs...he told me God didn't give me a priest or Pope or whoever to tell me what to believe...God gave ME a BRAIN to use to figure out what to believe or not believe. I have seen many things change in my church in my life time...and that just supports exactly what my childhood priest told me and why I try my best to be part of or motivating reason for the change.

Just thought I would share my thoughts with you...

grudgegirl said...

You're so awesome. Well said, and thoughtful as usual. The outcome of that vote just broke my heart. Did you see Ellen the next day? She was so excited about Obama, but so clearly heartbroken about Prop 8. I felt so bad for her, and for all gay people. I just will never ever understand this kind of discrimination. Never.