36 months.

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maya @ 36 months :: november 4, 2008

  • rupert taught her how to play candyland (actually following the rules) and she, of course, was two-for-two the first time they played.
  • she's unchi-ing on her own a bit (harder unchi = uncomfortable unchi) but we still need the miralax.
  • she exclaimed "dude!" and smacked herself in the forehead in frustration while playing the tightrope walking on wii fit.
  • loves halloween :: every single time we pass a house with halloween decorations she yells, "halloween! halloween!". she even insisted, "halloween!" when we stopped at a light next to a derelict house.
  • really enjoyed trick-or-treating and getting candy; the costume not so much. we told her she couldn't get candy unless she wore her costume. as for trick-or-treating, we practiced beforehand what she had to say and she was pretty courageous about going up to scary-looking houses.
  • we're hearing a lot of "i not tired! i really not tired!" around naptime and bedtime, but she really still needs a nap ... i need her to nap!
  • i am blessed that my pta/mom friends are so generous with maya; they help me take care of her and don't mind when i bring her to pta stuff.
  • she enjoyed watching the new indiana jones and iron man movies. she can even identify robert downey jr. as iron man.
  • likes to be the little mermaid :: when her hair's wet she says, "little mermaid hair" and she was insistent that i acknowledge she was like the little mermaid when she put chapstick on her lips (i didn't quite understand that, but whatever).
  • finally starting to understand how the green lights + red lights work (which light to look at when we're waiting to cross the street).
  • she insists that i dakko her (pick her up) when we talk about going to her grandma's house because, "lucy lick me. lucy lick my face. i not like it." (lucy is my in-laws' dog)
  • interested in words and getting it that letters together make words that can be read.
  • really psyched about her birthday. she's been talking about it a lot without really knowing when her birthday is ... or how old she's going to be, for that matter. well, i guess we can work on that!
  • this has been going on for awhile, but she likes to use the pepper grinder and sprinkle a pinch of salt from the salt cellear to her eggs.

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Anonymous said...

That is a such a great photo. I need a photo of me just like that for my birthday. We should all feel that excited and happy!