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a little late but happy new year, people! hope your new year's festivities were just that :: festive.

i am flabbergasted that the holiday season is over ... i am stunned that 2007 is over. i hate to sound cliché-ish, but where did the time go? what did i do in those 365 days?! not a lot comes to mind, but i loved that i got to travel in 2007 and that i started "exanding my business." despite that -- and not to be a monday morning quarterback -- i probably coulda done more.

i feel like i'm living with some regret about how i spent last year. a year from now i don't want to feel the same way. so, i've been inspired by ali edward's one little word idea and i'm choosing DO as my word for the year :: do something. do anything. just don't do nothing!

some things i intend to DO ::

  • simplify
  • enjoy
  • give
  • listen
  • create

here's to goals and new beginnings!

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