40 months.

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maya @ 40 months :: march 4, 2009
  • after she watched the monsters vs aliens trailer (on the kung fu panda dvd) she started saying, "suuuuusan ... oh, i scare myself!"
  • when singing the ABC song, she repeats "k -- lmnop" a lot
  • drawing faces and continues to color a lot. learning to trace her name at school; sometimes it comes out "moyo" or "moya."
  • likes to pretend she's a cat. she also mentioned she wanted to bring the stray cat in the backyard into our house and keep it ... and hug it.
  • randomly told me, "i don't like you" while we were shopping at the supermarket. when i asked her why, she told me, "you're awful." gee, thanks.
  • while brushing her teeth with rupert she told him, "i hate this!" which is weird because she usually likes to brush her teeth.
  • the two points above, we think, are preschool classmate influences.
  • likes to do "where is thumbkin?" but misses about half the song.
  • another thing she learned from a friend (we think) :: crossing her arms and stomping her feet. great.
  • hopping on one foot.
  • her friends call her "my-my" at school.
  • loves to blow dandelions. this love is making our already dandelion-infested front yard into an even more dandelion-infested lawn.
  • she actually said she didn't like the little mermaid dvd. hallelujah! but we'll have to see how long that lasts.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I think she continues to get cuter...except for not liking Mom and Dad. That isn't cute because she has some really amazing and fun parents!