what i made for dinner :: lomo saltado

what i made for dinner :: lomo saltado

did you wonder where my special section "what i made for dinner" went? yeah, me too. i basically forgot about this section posting cooking. it's been four months since my last creation. i just don't feel like cooking much lately, unfortunately.

guilt inspired me to cook on friday night, though. friday is my day off so i felt compelled to make something. while eating my lunch i flipped through the january 2009 issue of bon appetit and found a recipe for lomo saltado. [the website's recipe search function is down right now so i'll have to post the recipe later.]

it's a tad time-consuming to make but well worth it (and it's simple). the end result is a lot soupier than what we're used to from our local peruvian restaurant. i should have used a better cut of beef, but you know, with these tough economic times a girl can only afford beef every once in awhile. next time i'm going to try it with chicken.

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Anonymous said...

I just got my Bon Apetite the other day and have not even had a chance to look through it. Thanks for reminding me I have it to read because, in a few hours I will be making a mad dash around the house gathering stuff up for a quick trip up North.