african masks


Steliza said...

When will Ian be having a gallery opening? Seriously, he is an amazing artist. Look at his color selection, balance and interesting topics he picks to draw. Amazing work! Maybe he can start doing doodles or designing patterned paper for his scrapbooking Mommy to use too!

yucaree said...

thanks for all the compliments on ian's artwork, S. i'd like for him to take the credit on choosing the interesting topics, but that would be his art teacher's doing. since ian's not too nimble-fingered and art isn't really his thing, i'm glad he agreed to take the class again.

and, maybe, one day he will draw me some doodles to use for scrapbooking. btw, did you know he makes layouts too? his latest batch has been about france and england (both places he's never been to before!). you can check them out on my scrapbooking flickr site.